Jane Ottringham recently wrote to us to ask "Are there any alternatives to Google Adwords worth mentioning?"

The answer is yes Jane, absolutely. There are many great alternatives to Google Adwords, but perhaps the very best long term route that is far cheaper is direct SEO and social media promotion. Adwords can cost a lot of money depending on which business sphere you are in, but the advantages of course mean ads online within minutes.

Cheaper alternatives are in an abundance, but where Adwords may be seen more as a catch-all and you could be lulled into a false sense of security believing the only way to real success is to pay per click. And it could soon sap your budget more than you hoped.

A pretty good alternative to Google Adwords is Bing Ads, although we would not recommend stopping Adwords to rely solely on Bing Ads. For a start you will probably find the volume of clicks you receive from this alternative is a lot less, but then so your budget required will probably be a lot less also.

But the above is a PPC alternative, whats a free alternative you may ask Jane? Well aside from the direct SEO of a website, let me give you not just a cheaper alternative, but a free one. Are you ready Jane because this one is a hot one! Set yourself up a Twitter account, get hold of TweetDeck, set multiple column data based on keyword searches you know your potential customers will probably be writing, and then like, favorite, re-tweet and contact!

Let's assume you can do this, or even have the time to do this 200 or even 500 times a day, you would only perhaps need 1 or 2 customers to make this work, and if you work out the conversion percentage against a budget of 0 (assuming you put no cost on your time to get this done) you can certainly say this is probably one of the very best alternatives to Google Adwords available right now.

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