Joel Colins recently wrote to us to ask "I got a Google Ad Words ban, help!"

Its so horrible when that happens, got get the Google Ad Words slap! Oh gosh we are so sorry to hear that, and as many of our clients tell us - you probably did absolutely nothing to deserve the ban at all.

Unfortunately Google has grown to such an extent that it relies heavily on automation of its Ad Words ban algorithms, so one day you are running along as happy as can be and the next you have been hit with the ban. So what are cheaper alternatives to Ad Words after you got the ban?

Well the answer is lots, and from today forward never put all your egges in one basket. At we take clients that have received an Ad Words ban almost every day, saying to us what do we do with the slap! that we just got.

The answer is to join us. We get you 1st Page Rankings in every search engine and you can say goodbye to your reliance on the old Ad Words system. We get you natural positions in Google, and then you never have to pay again for a click. Imagine that, not paying for clicks with Ad Words. And then give it a month or two and you will probably find that the Google Ad Words ban was probable the best thing that ever happened to you and your business.

So if you have just had the Ad Words ban and need somewhere to turn, then look no further because at we will get you on the 1st Page of Google.

Say goodbye to Ad Words and say goodbye to the ban - say HELLO to 1st Page Rankings.

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