Oliver Jones wrote in to ask "Do y'all do SEO for Godaddy built websites, such as the Godaddy website builder?

We absolutely love the Godaddy website builder Oliver, and we love Godaddy as a whole. Not only do we think they are one of the most affordable, professional hosting companies on the internet we also love SEO'ing sites hosted with Godaddy or built using their super cool website builder. Very simply the Godaddy web builder is feature rich and lends itself fantastically well to SEO.

While the process of SEO is akin to those on other sites, the Godaddy SEO elements are very well built and allow its users to adaprt and implement a great SEO promotion easily. Our team have a vast amount of knowledge on this area and we have helped thousands of Godaddy sites with their search engine optimization.

A point to note, and something great again about these guys is that the customization allowable is immense, and so the level of detail that can be implemented on an SEO level is huge.

So I think by this time Oliver, you have probably gathered that my answer is certainly yes, we do SEO for Godaddy websites, whether it be simply hosted, built with the great website builder or perhaps even if you are using Wordpress again it can be done for you.

I hope this answers all your questions John, but if you need anything more just let us know wont you!

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