Tim recently wrote to us to ask "I Want to Boost Local Google Rankings, Can You Help?"

BoostLocal is our local based search SEO element of service Tim which aims to boost local Google search engine results for your website. As you have a local business and need local traffic the BoostLocal element of service ensures that you receive top rankings in your local area, and this is fully part of the MiramarOne.com service.

Not all website businesses want to be on the 1st page of Google throughout the country and with a BoostLocal focus you can get your website ranking for keywords in your area that will bring you new customers.

All you need to think about Tim is how far a geographical area you want to cover with the local boost SEO service, do you just want to cover a town or a city, or perhaps a county or larger geographical area.

At MiramarOne you can BoostLocal results easily by simply letting us know after purchase which local areas you want to cover and boost up those rankings Tim!

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