Johnny Reed wrote in to ask "I have been banned by Google Adwords, are there alternatives now I'm banned?"

We have heard this story so many times. A good business, doing well gets banned by Google Adwords for a reason the owner cannot understand. Adwords was his lifeblood of new customers, and getting a ban has dropped his income to 0. Why? Because he did not prepare for the Adwords ban - and that's why you join's Awesome Plan.

It seems like not a day goes by without a tale of woe from a webmaster about having their Google Adwords account banned. Whether a Adwords UK, USA, Australia account you can never be truly safe from the Adwords 'slap'. Businesses should prepare, from day one to be banned by Adwords at some point. Their rules and policies change frequently and what they are happy with today they may not be happy with tomorrow.

At MiramarOne we get you ranked on the First Page of Google, Yahoo and Bing without any need for Adwords. So you can forget about that costly ban, and turn your attention to running your business again.

By completely discontinuing what is a costly way to advertise, and taking revenue away from Adwords, you essentially put that ad spend back in your own pocket - because Adwords can be extremely costly, and even more so when you get banned.

So, if you want a true alternative to Google Adwords and want to forget about that ban join with us today.

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