Peter recently wrote to us to ask "Is Adclerks a BuySellAds Alternative?"

Peter we LOVE Adclerks and we love the fact that they are approachable and have not lost a sense of personalization. Adclerks is a BuySellAds alternative, if not by any stretch having the same amount of publishers but its a start and its fast and easy to navigate. We like these guys, and we hope that our service at MiramarOne will compliment your need to online advertising.

To review Adclerks in full would be to say that although they are a smaller version of the BuySellAds model, if they could get some more publishers they would no doubt find that they would become a great one stop destination as a BuySellAd alternative.

But with Adclerks advertising the costs are significantly less for much of the publishers and so we say give them a try, and let us know what your review is.

Are Adclerks your alternative to BuySellAds? They are ours!

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